Are you in investment paralysis in the downturn? Read on…

Jeffrey Goldberg writes in the Atlantic wondering whether his Merill Lynch investment advisers were really looking after his interests, or Merill’s profits? Is there such a thing as an investment adviser for the small individual investor? Should one really invest at all? In what?

To find out, he drops names talks to hedge fund founders, top brokers, attends swanky parties in New York, gets in on the gossip, and extracts some earthy, straight as apple pie advice from Seth Klarman, the man who wrote THE book on value investing. Cody Lundin, who stands in snow barefoot and eats mice because it’s free protein (don’t ask), chimes in as well. And Goldberg doesn’t forget to ask those folks at Berkshire Hathaway, while he’s at it.

Have you stopped playing the market in these volatile times? Do you want to start again? Do you truly fit the definition of an investor? Read on…

Why I Fired My Broker


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