Came across these explanations for the meaning of the following words:

resusticate: re+ susti+ cate, now susti in hindi means cheap, so when something is made cheaper again, it is usually to revive the use of something.  For example, if government makes khadi cheaper in prefereance to cotton, it is to revive its use amongst citizens. So resusticate is to revive.

ribald : almost as rebald which can be to loose hair again. If a person looses hair rapidly, its because he has some deep tensions. So ribald is deep or profane.

roseate= rose+ate. After jack died in Titanic, dis Rose gave up and stopped eating…..No…Why? Because she was optimistic of meeting him in the afterlife and in her dreams. So Roseate is being optimistic.

Hope that helps..

GRE Words


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