Top 10 Thinking traps

Took a little break there from blogging as I discovered old haunts and, more preciously, bumped into old friends and connected with family in London.

Here’s an article recommended to me by Stumble Upon. Not sure why the recommendation server decided I needed a tonk in the noggin’ and polish up my thinking hat, but it’s a worthy read nonetheless.

The preamble

Our minds set up many traps for us. Unless we’re aware of them, these traps can seriously hinder our ability to think rationally, leading us to bad reasoning and making stupid decisions. Features of our minds that are meant to help us may, eventually, get us into trouble.

Here are the first 5 of the most harmful of these traps and how to avoid each one of them.

They’ve obviously decided to follow the rich tradition of Wes Craven and leave the second 5 for a part 2. So I give you
Top Ten Thinking Traps Part 1


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