Trader Talk

Came across this on Zerohedge, a pretty intersting trading blog. A good way to start the smiles on the long weekend.

An excerpt


I have got to say that I think you have been rather less than even-handed in the way that you handled our small disagreement last week about how employees should conduct themselves in (and out of) the workplace. And being placed on suspension by that sycophantic loser in HR was just too much; if he was just a bit taller, I would have punched him!

Before I go to the expense of hiring a lawyer (again), I thought that it would make sense to send you a brief e-mail outlining the events as seen from my viewpoint, which will hopefully result in me being restored to my position as Head of Commodities Trading.

Let me start by confirming that you were correct that I misled you when I claimed my recent two-week unauthorized leave of absence was caused by me going down with the H1N1 flu virus; there was no virus and there was no quarantine. Having said that, and in my defence, I did have a very heavy cold. And, although I know that it looks bad that I returned to the office with what appeared to be a healthy sun-tan, I am disappointed that you chose not to accept my explanation that I had simply fallen asleep while under a sun-bed.

Full post below.
Afternoon Amusement Trader Talk


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