How the study of yoga helps a daughter understand her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease.

The Happy Days blog on the New York Times has a piece written by Elizabeth Kadetsky on how her yoga teacher training helps her deal with her mother’s illness on a regular basis. For those of us who apply the principles of yoga (steadfastness, dispassion, acceptance, truthfulness, humility, non-judgment) in our daily lives, there is a familiarity with the way Elizabeth Kadetksy has internalized her yoga practice to deal with her troubles. Although she is stretching her example of vairagya…

Sukha / dukha, I also learned in yoga — life contains pain and pleasure; by cultivating detachment from both, the yogi observes both their beauty and hardship without allowing either to overwhelm experience. Watch, observe, knowing you can’t control.

Happy Days: Living in the Moment


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