Augmented Reality of Kakinada

I’ve been staying away from blogging and all e-networks for the past few months due to personal reasons, but I came across this posting on Tech Crunch and couldn’t resist.

Why do I like it?

Because at the very end (it may not be the very end anymore by the time you read it) of the various comments that mention IPhone apps such as Skype, Tweetdeck, Zillow etc, there is a post by Uma Mahesh Verma Sreeram that says

Nice post. You can have a quick look at ‘Augmented Reality view of Kakinada’ application from below inkakinada URL: “http://www.inka…reality-ar-view”

So there you have it. In case you were missing it, you can now get an augmented reality view of Kakinada on your mobile phone.