Mosque? What Mosque?

The driver of my car from the Mumbai airport to my residence was a very amenable and polite person. He preferred to speak in English. So for most of our conversation, I spoke in my terrible Hindi and he spoke in his slighly better English.

He reminded me that I had arrived on the eve of Janmashthami (the birth of Lord Krishna). He suggested places I could go for worship and to check out the famous Dahi Handis of Mumbai.

As we talked further, I discovered he was a Muslim. We then got talking about his ongoing festival – Ramzan – and how he was following it.

Here we were – a Muslim telling me about a Hindu festival in Mumbai, and me, a Hindu, discussing a Muslim festival with him with the same interest.

Having just arrived from New York, where there is a daily debate about religious freedom and building a mosque near Ground Zero, the irony of the situation did not escape me.


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