Monsoon on Colaba Causeway

I went searching for the holy grail of Indian Chinese in Mumbai, Lynx Pavilion, and wandered off the wrong way on Colaba Causeway.

As I was walking down the causeway, Moses stopped parting the waters, and down came a gush of the Indian monsoon. Although one does see thundershowers of this kind in NYC as well, it was still wonderful for me to savour an Indian monsoon after so many years.

The causeway is packed tighter with vendors than the Lincoln Tunnel with vehicles during rush hour. The hawkers have mini-stalls with tarpaulin and plastic roofs extending out. Although there’s a lot of complaints against street hawkers in India, it’s thanks to these hawkers that one can continue walking along the pavement even in the most torrential rain. As one walks under this “one roof of the world”, one can hear the rain blistering down on the tarpaulin. It feels like as if one is walking dry under a giant waterfall.

Perhaps I should record this sound and sell it as one of the many natural sounds for therapy. Sitting next to “Morning Birds” or “Sounds of Nature” in one of the yoga stores in the Catskill forests would be “Monsoon on Colaba Causeway”.


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