Redefining Education: Cultivating the Soul

I want to share this piece that I enjoyed reading earlier today.

The Greeks of old had a different idea that they called paideia. This was education conceived as creating a cultured person who would be a mature citizen and leader. Imagine if our focus in education was on the person rather than the things studied. We’d be concerned that a student grow up and learn how to deal with life and help others deal with it as well. This education has two purposes: self-ripening and leadership.

The ideas aren’t necessarily new, but they remind us of how the purpose of education has digressed in modern times.

The subject of Vedanta delves deep into the individual, and not on things. It, in fact, reduces the importance of “things”, because the nature of a “thing” is really our individual subjective experience of it. To some extent, the subject of yoga too dwells more on the individual and on practice, than mere theory and knowledge.

Full article below.

Redefining Education: Cultivating the Soul


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