What a year can do

It’s been nearly a year since my last post. It’s for a reason. Actually, it’s for many reasons. The primary reason is: adjusting to life in India after 21 years. I doff my hat (although I never wear one) to Indians who blog regularly.

In a country such as this, every day is Spontaneity Day. It can also become a WTF Day, HowThe… Day, PleaseGodHaveMercy Day, DidThatReallyJustHappen Day, WhereAmINow Day, and WasThatAllInOneDay Day. Many a day has ended with my goals for the day and my activities of the day as far apart as the desert is from the rainclouds. To those who can then find the time to maintain a daily blog, kudos with judos.

To retain any sanity, one has no choice but to fall back to the old adage that it’s all about the journey. Sure. Think of it as a regular thrashing to keep one spiritual; that’s the journey. I will post an example of one such Spontaneity day in another blog entry.

Now, back to the reasons.

Some years ago, I saw a play in London called “The Compleat Works of Shakespeare – abridged”. It was by a few Americans, and in a tribute to American efficiency, they demonstrated Hamlet in 15 minutes, then in 5 minutes, then in 1 minute, and then in 1 minute backwards. As I think about how to share the many reasons for my hiatus from the overcrowded blogosphere, I am inclined to take a page or two from the efficient Americans.

December 2010 was my last post. Since then, I have successfully stopped my top floor occupier from building a new illegal floor on my house, gotten a new job with Morgan Stanley, relocated to Mumbai – which includes finding a flat, a car, maid, learning to drive in the Mumbai suburbs -, taken business trips totaling near 2 months worth of travel, made week long trips to Kolkata to keep my house running and in order, sorting out my deceased mother’s assets and holdings, fighting various cases in the Kolkata civil courts, and, last but not least of all, getting married.

Was that 30 seconds?

I will post about these experiences in more detail. I’ve come to understand, to some extent, what it really means to relocate to India and live in India. I want to share what I’ve learnt and surmised so far in the hope that other lambs may experience an Irish meadow rather than a slaughter house.

To be fair, my case is a bit unique since I also had to tackle property issues in another city on an ongoing basis, navigate the famous bureaucracy of Kolkata as I sorted through my mother’s various holdings, manage a long distance relationship with my fiance, and pretty much coordinate or arrange all the preparations from my side for the wedding, honeymoon and reception. It will be different for someone who relocates to India purely on a work basis, but there are still small lessons to glean and learn.

In the meanwhile, does this get your goat?